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Our Purpose (why we exist):
Transforming lives through                                       allied health services that work

ORS has been in the business of making a difference to people with disability and injuries for more than 25 years! ORS provides a range of allied health, workplace rehabilitation and employment services across key industries such as the NDIS, Workers Compensation, Health, Injury Prevention and Aged Care.

Our service delivery is underpinned by clinically informed, evidence based and person-centered practices which empower others to reach their potential and achieve their goals.

” We believe in the potential and recognise the strengths of every individual “

  • We believe in the potential and recognise the strengths of every individual.
  • We are passionate about achieving individual’s goals and transforming lives.
  • We get things done fast by keeping things simple.
  • We continually improve through always seeking excellence.

“I cannot speak more highly of your entire team and it gives me great confidence when any claims are referred that they will be well looked after. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!”

Karen Keith, National Injury Manager, Adecco Group

Recruits assemble!

ORS had some ‘SAS Australia’ themed fun on Friday afternoon!

Lazz and Trav set the theme for the week with another hilarious skit video getting a real life taste of what being in the SAS could feel like.

Led by Staff, AKA ORS’ very own Jamie ...Charlesworth who is ex Joint Special Forces, we all had a very authentic experience with a Q&A into what it was like to be in the SAS and them some fun physical and mental challenge games.

We all had an absolute blast and we can’t wait to see what is in store for next week!

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ORS Australia SAS

ORS Australia SAS

Keeping our employees engaged and satisfied is key to our success here at ORS!

Hear from one of our valued team members, Katie Scriven, Regional Manager – Occupational Therapy Services, Victoria and ACT

Q: How long have you been in this position?

A: 15 months

... Q: What do you love about working at ORS?

A: I love working at ORS due to the brilliant career opportunities I’ve had throughout the years. I commenced my employment as an Occupational Therapist, and have since been in multiple roles, across multiple locations and services, including team leader and management positions. I also love the flexible working conditions, that allow us to focus on ourselves outside of work so that we can be at our best when servicing our clients. ORS has a great culture that promotes collaboration, teamwork, fun, and self-care. I do truly believe that ORS cares about their staff and recognizes that we work in a tough industry, as evidenced by our amazing health and wellness program.

Q: Share a client story with us that reflected why you love what you do?

A: Since moving to Melbourne, I have had a client who initially was incredibly shy and experienced a lot of anxiety communicating with allied health practitioners. Over the year and a half that we have worked together, we have had vehicle modifications, increases in supports, and home modifications approved. Both the support coordinator and the client have since commented how thankful they were that we would come and assist with any of their Occupational Therapy needs at the drop of a hat. The client in question was so appreciative of our continued involvement and advocacy. Our client has since gained the confidence to discuss her support needs with us and is always a ray of sunshine when we see each other.

Q: Would you recommend ORS as an employer and if so, why?

A: Absolutely, ORS is a great employer. If you are looking for a place where your hard work and commitment are rewarded and acknowledged, this is the company for you. ORS has so many great things about it that I would recommend any allied health consultants to apply. ORS truly cares about their staff, from a health and wellness, fun, and opportunity point of view. I feel very lucky to work for such a great company and feel that I will continue to grow and improve for many years to come.

If you’re interested in transforming your life and being part of a workplace that values job satisfaction then apply now!

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There is more to Cerebral Palsy than what we can see on the outside!

Meet Isaac and hear what he has to say about nothing holding him back in life!

ORS is proud to be taking part in #STEPtemberAU to raise awareness and much needed funds to support people living with cerebral ...palsy.

So far we have walked over 8,631,627 steps and have raised $5,674.42 and we still have 7 days to go!

You can help to support our STEPtember challenge by donating. Together, we can make a real difference – one step at a time!

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Cerebral Palsy Alliance

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Meet Isaac and hear what he has to stay about nothing holding him back!

There is more to Cerebral Palsy that what we can see on the outside! Meet Isaac and hear what he has to stay about nothing holding him back! ORS is...

ORS would like to thank Elizabeth Weir, Doctoral Scientist from Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University for her time in sharing her recent study findings on the health outcomes of individuals on the Autism Spectrum. We discuss the impact of the study findings on the lifestyle factors of sleep,... exercise and diet. It is fantastic to have the opportunity to discuss study findings directly with the researcher to ensure our services are informed by the latest research.

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Dr Joyce Man from ORS and Elizabeth Weir from Cambridge University discuss recent study findings

ORS would like to thank Elizabeth Weir, Doctoral Scientist from Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University for her time in sharing her recent study...

We all have a hero inside! #motivationtuesday #ndisprovider #lockdown2021 #orsgroup #disability #heroes

Friday afternoon virtual fun last week at ORS was a drag show with the fabulous ‘Abril LaTrene’!

We enjoyed several 90’s inspired performances from Abril and played some games of PG drag bingo!

Our ‘ORS Goes Drag’ themed afternoon was a huge success with staff giving ...glowing feedback from Abril’s performance! 👏

ORS’ Friday fun virtual afternoons have become a highlight of the week for a lot of our staff in lockdown and we can’t wait to see what next week’s theme will be.

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Lockdown 2021 has been challenging but here at ORS we try and think outside of the box to support and be there for our staff!

Lazz and Trav from the marketing team have been making weekly skit videos to get our staff excited for our virtual ‘Friday Fun’ team building afternoons.
This week ORS went Drag with the fabulous Abril LaTrene hosting a fantastic drag show and playing several rounds of bingo with staff!

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Trav & Lazz have fun creating hilarious videos each week to set the theme for our Friday afternoon staff wind down drinks!

Are you interested in joining one of the largest and fastest growing national Allied Health and Workplace Rehabilitation providers in Australia?

We are seeking State Psychology Services Managers to join our team for NSW, ACT, WA and VIC!

Hear from one of our valued team members, ...Sarah Stewart - National Psychological Services Manager – NDIS.

How long have you been in this position?

"Approximately 5-months."

Previous position/Job title?

"Clinical Psychology Registrar/Regional Manager – Behaviour Support"

How long have you been at ORS?

"15 months now!"

What do you love about your role?

"The flexibility to be able to create change and promote clinical skills in Provisional Psychologists from both an individual and systemic level. My role allows me to work 1:1 with Provisional Psychologists on their cases through observations, case consultation, and formulation where I’m involved in their hands-on learning and acquisition of clinical skills – I am so motivated by educating and seeing them evolve into brilliant clinicians! But I’m also heavily involved in developing and implementing systems, policies, and frameworks that ensure our Provisional Psychologists have the resources and support to be able to do their job well and efficiently. Through my short time in this role, I’ve been an observer to immense change in our clients, clinicians, and Psychological Services area, which has been incredibly exciting and motivating."

What do you love about working at ORS?

"The opportunities and diversity. From working at ORS, I’ve been exposed to infinite opportunities for personal growth, clinically and professionally. The diversity of client presentations and responsibilities I’ve been provided as an ORS Psychologist has allowed me to develop clinical skills, knowledge, and expertise beyond my expectations. The immense size of ORS means we have access to a range of Senior Psychologists and Learning and Development Managers with 20+ years of varying experience and skillsets, who support our clinicians to service their clients ethically and professionally, and who I continue to learn from daily.
There is always a new learning opportunity awaiting and available to me. Professionally, ORS has encouraged me to progress towards achieving my professional goals and to work within my aspired role. The opportunity for career progression is something I seriously value."

Transform your life today and apply now!

WA >

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Just another happy customer giving ORS a FIVE STAR review! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Hear what Tania had to say about David, one of our Regional Managers for Speech Pathology services in Perth:

"I found David to be very professional, very informative and explained things well. David... engages well and was amazing at showing us how to use the devices. He has a lovely personality and is very warm and energetic!"

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As #lockdownlife continues for a lot of Australians, ORS would like to remind you that we are still here to support you! We are able to provide most services via telehealth on the same day if contacted before 4pm*.

Contact us today if you would like more information or need urgent

*If contacted after 4pm it will be scheduled for the following day.

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Hear from James and Simone about the difference that ORS Workplace Rehabilitation and Health services can make!

ORS are still here and able to support you with any Workplace Rehabilitation and Health needs through the continuing lockdown.

Contact us today for a no obligation chat ...about how we can support you with any workplace injury concerns.

1800 000 677

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James' Story

We are incredibly proud of you, James, Congratulations on your employment. We will miss you!! We sincerely wish James all the best for his future.

The ORS team had a great day at the Source Kids Disability Expo in Perth today!

We will be there tomorrow from 9:00am - 4:00pm as well and entry is free so come on down and say hello and chat to the team on all things NDIS!

When: Saturday 11 September 2021 – 9am to 4pm

... Where: Perth Convention & Exhibition Centre

We can't wait to see you! 🙂

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