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How can I provide feedback about ORS Group’s Employment Services?

If you think you aren’t receiving the right help or have a complaint about ORS Group, you should first try to talk to us by either speaking to your consultant or the manager at your local office, or by calling us on 1300 677 789. We will provide a feedback process that is fair and we will try to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible.

If you feel you can’t talk to us about your concerns, or you are still unhappy, you can call the Government’s Customer Service Line on 1800 805 260 (free call from land lines).

Disability Employment Services clients can also call the Complaints Resolution and Referral Service on 1800 880 052 (free call), or on the TTY number: 1800 301 130 (free call from land lines).

If you would like to provide anonymous feedback, please use our general feedback form.

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