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careersWe empower our clients to develop and achieve their vocational goals through employment services, workplace rehabilitation and injury prevention services, psychological services and nationally recognised training.

Our Team

Our people are our most valuable asset. No matter how they may differ, our people share one thing in common, a belief that through what we do and the effort we put in we can make a positive difference in people’s lives. We give you the training, support, guidance and if you’re interested in helping people achieve their career goals, team work and providing high-quality service with a passion and dedication that is second to none, then ORS Group is for you. We can offer you the opportunities you need to succeed and develop, and care for your wellbeing.

We are a diverse team of talented, enthusiastic individuals who foster a culture of inclusion and support. We seek to understand what drives our clients and support them on their journey to achieve their goals.

We are looking for candidates with outstanding dedication to making a difference to the lives of others. You will be eager learn new skills and gain lifelong experience as part of a successful and dynamic organisation.

You will help us exceed the expectations of our clients by providing a high-quality service with empathy and understanding.

The best thing about our team is that you will find yourself working alongside like-minded people who share your passion for making a difference with energy and integrity.

Our Values

With a strong focus on our team it is important that they share the same values in service provision. In working with us, you will be:

Making a positive difference every day, viewing all individuals as employable, and you are persistent and go above and beyond to help others.
• Providing an exceptional service by giving your time to understand the needs of others, active listening and building rapport.
• Demonstrating a one team approach by actively working in partnership, encouraging and supporting colleagues.
Accountable for meeting targets and goals; and motivated to develop yourself and perform
Innovative by sharing and developing new ideas, seeking feedback to continually improve, and provide solutions to identified problems.