What are Dietetic Assessments?

At ORS, we are passionate about supporting people to improve their quality of life and overall well-being by providing them with exceptional dietetic care. Our Initial Nutrition Assessment service aims to assess clients’ food and nutritional needs according to their specific body requirements and disability. It supports individuals to work towards their personal nutrition goals and gain greater insight into their lives through diet and lifestyle intervention. This then increases the individuals’ capacity for independent living.

Our experienced dietitians are able to provide extensive therapy support due to their broad qualifications (including many with postgraduate degrees: Masters Qualifications), wide-ranging experience, and our internal professional development program. ORS employs DA registered Dietitians; who are trained in delivering nutritional assessments and recommending the appropriate nutritional plan for you. For more specific information about our Dietitians’ individual experience and areas of expertise, you can view Our Expertise.

We are able to support individuals of all ages who present with a broad spectrum of disabilities including psychological difficulties including anxiety, depression, personality disorders, psychosis, schizophrenia, bipolar, ASD, ABI and more. Our services can be provided in person and via telehealth for clients in the ACT, and only via telehealth for the other states and territories just for now, as we seek to grow our services.

For anyone seeking dietetic services and nutritional assessments, please see our list of services below.

Services Available

Dietetics assessment and report outlining recommendations

Dietetics assessment, ongoing therapy and report

Registered NDIS Provider
ORS is a Registered My Aged Care provider

How are these Assessments Funded?

Dietetic services can be funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), by Employment and Disability Services Providers, My Aged Care, WAPHA and privately.

Support Categories that may cover these services:

  Improved Daily Living
  Early Childhood Intervention
  Privately paid
  My Aged Care
  Lifetime Care (iCare)

Whats included in the Assessment?

Typically, most assessments will require up to 5 hours to complete; however, this can vary depending on the referral need. The assessment process will entail the following

  • An initial clinical interview will firstly be conducted with the participant and their supports to understand their medical and social history, supports, lifestyle and dietary habits. During this interview, a non-invasive physical examination (PG-SGA) is conducted, together with the collection of a detailed diet history.
  • nutrition assessment will then be conducted against the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating and any nutrition specific guidelines related to your health and disability. Nutrition diagnosis are developed and recommendations will be formulated from here.
  • feedback session will be conducted with the participant and their supports, if required, to review the assessment, explain the results and to offer treatment recommendations involving strategies and services to help address the difficulties and improve overall quality of life. Nutritional goals will be discussed and created. This will then inform the choice for specific nutrition plan/ therapy sessions required.
  • detailed report that outlines the results, strategies and plans/treatment recommendations for ongoing support will be provided within 2-weeks of the assessment sessions being completed.

Frequently asked questions

Am I eligible for funding from the NDIS or My Aged Care?

NDIS Support Categories that may cover these services includes: Improved Daily Living. To find out more head to National Disability Insurance Scheme and My Aged Care websites.

Where would I receive my service?

If you are based in the ACT, you can access our dietitian services either via telehealth or in person, in our Fyshwick office, participant’s homes/accommodations, schools or even outside.

If you are based outside the ACT, we can only offer telehealth services at the moment, but we will be looking at expanding to in-person services in our other states soon.

The good thing about dietetic services is that they are all easily adapted to telehealth settings and all ORS dietetic services and assessments are specially adapted to be telehealth compatible/ friendly. We also have a supportive admin team that can help you with setting up your telehealth dietetic services with us.

Who should be involved in dietetic assessments and therapy?

We are able to conduct dietetic assessments and therapy sessions with both NDIS participants and their respective family, carers and support workers.

We also do offer nutrition and food safety training to all carers and staff that can be funded privately or through NDIS.


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