Closing the disability employment gap with Mandurah Taxis

Mandurah Taxis in WA have been working closely with ORS by commencing a trial to close the gap of getting people with disabilities back into employment. One of our Employer Account Managers, Melissa Speca, is their primary contact and has assisted the company along the way…


“Mandurah Taxis employs staff to ensure that the local taxi base is a “one stop shop” for taxi drivers and passengers in terms of service. Ours as well as ORS’ aim was to obtain long-term sustainable employment within supportive and positive taxi driver environment. We have been extremely happy with the support and assistance from Melissa Speca!


Melissa is very passionate and supportive with helping clients get back into the workforce, she has been very clear with the support and assistance clients may require during training or employment, such as;


  • Additional training due to reading or writing barriers
  • On the job support if clients are struggling to understand a particular process or topic
  • Mentoring or coaching due to low confidence or being out of employment for a number of years, counselling services are delivered by ORS Group’s Allied Health Team
  • Work site modifications where required due to a client’s specific disability

Mandurah Taxis have delivered onsite presentations to clients who are interested in becoming taxi drivers at ORS Group office in Kwinana. Melissa and her team at ORS assisted suitable candidates with obtaining the relevant taxi licence tickets to become a taxi driver.


We commenced the trial with Tarquin who started as a licensed taxi driver with Mandurah Taxis on 15th July 2016 and has been working taxi2his required 23 hours or more per week working weekdays. As an employee we have found Tarquin to be polite, well presented and an excellent driver. We have received compliments from the passengers he transports to appointments and he has been requested by some passengers as their preferred taxi driver. It is well documented that employment provides many benefits for individuals including better mental health, self-confidence, self-esteem and financial reward.


As an organisation we want to continue working with ORS Group and in doing so grow and strengthen our current existing relationship. I would be happy to refer and recommend Melissa Speca and ORS Group to other organisations. 


Around one in every five people in the Australian community has some form of disability (404,900 ABS 2012). The principles of employment are the same for people with disability as those without disability. The main focus should be on the skills, talents and capabilities the person with disability can bring to the workplace.


Mandurah Taxis prides itself on being an Equal Opportunity employer. We are a supporter of assisting people into the workforce when they may have had difficulties finding work due to their age, physical and/or other disabilities. Currently we have many licensed professional taxi drivers working who are taxi3older, have physical disabilities such as amputations, various medical conditions and recovering mental health issues who are all beneficiaries of working in a positive team environment. As well as being an employer, we are also a provider of accessible, reliable transport that is essential for people to access education and employment.


Mandurah Taxis is also a partner in the It Stops With Me Human Rights Campaign against Racial Discrimination”