Written by Adam Phillips – Site Manager – ORS Group Rosebud VIC


‘’When working at ORS, it’s important to know about local services so that when someone presents with a question you yourself can’t solve, you have the appropriate resources in your community to assist.


I’ve been going around Rosebud to meet all the amazing services in the local area. Everything from the Youth Services Team downstairs, SalvoCare, Rosebud Community Centre, Centrelink through to the Royal District Nursing Service.

While creating these connections and meeting the incredible humans who run these services, I was invited to help out at the Southern Peninsula Laundry and Shower Service (SPLaSh). This program is setup to provide Showers, Laundry Services, a feed and a hot cuppa to those living on hard times, especially aimed at those that are homeless in the local area.


SPLaSh is setup to be an inviting area. There is a Nurse available for a chat and a range of support services, but most important it allows those that need it to do some laundry, have a shower and have a good hearty meal. Run by Sue from the Youth Services and Rosebud Community Centre for the past 8 months, I was blown away by their genuine care. Often coming out of their own pocket to fund, it’s an incredibly simple yet highly effective way of giving back to those in need.


What is devastating is the lack of funding it will get in the coming months. Rosebud is a beautiful town and a tourist hot spot in spring and summer. So sadly, the toilet block they operate from in October will be closed to them and open to the public.


So the program shuts down for up to 6 months. The team are working on alternatives, and I’ve put my hand up to help find a solution.


ORS collected 40 tins of food – that’s 40 people who will get a meal

Last week was Homelessness Week, and while it’s a problem we are all aware of, it’s not until you hear the stories and see firsthand, that you realise how devastating it is. I feel incredibly fortunate that I get to work with a company that is looking to help and provide services that in turn can help someone get back up on their feet. But more importantly, that we live in an area where people are starting to take notice and put their hand up to help.


You can too. Drop in to your local community centre to donate food, clothing or money – and genuinely, every little bit helps.


The team from the Peninsula gathered food to donate to #CanorCoin4HomelessnessWeek by Chelsea Care Works. Local supermarkets often have specials, and we were able to get cans of soup for $2.50, consider that $2.50 is a meal for someone. We can all make a difference.”


If you or someone you know is experiencing issues relating to Homelessness, head to the Homelessness Australia website where you can find various services for those in need. Or if you’d like to get involved, visit your local community centre to find out how you can help.