ORS would like to offer a very warm welcome to our new Senior Research and Innovation Consultant, Dr Geoffrey Waghorn. Geoff is heading up our research team to ensure ORS’ service delivery model across all services remains evidence based and incorporates the latest international evidence.

Dr Waghorn has over 30 years of experience in vocational rehabilitation with a particular focus on severe mental illness. He has published over 100 articles in peer reviewed journals making him one of Australia’s leading researchers in vocational rehabilitation. He has previously worked on establishing the Individual Placement and Support model as the latest evidence-based practice for people with severe mental illnesses. He worked in partnership with ORS in 2016/2017 to assess whether this model can work within DES, and can generalise to participants with compulsory participation obligations.


Dr Geoffrey Waghorn

Dr Waghorn is currently working on several projects. One of these projects investigates the influence of wage subsidies on employment sustainability for DES participants. Another project examines what can be learned from the practices of high performing employment consultants, and how this information can be collected and used in training and staff development.


Great to have you as part of the team Geoff! We look forward to working with you.