PHaMs Positive Influences Presentation – Mental Health Week 2016

For Mental Health Week, ORS’ Personal Helpers and Mentors team presented “Positive Influences” in WA

Guest speakers who have a lived experience of mental illness or have supported or cared for someone who has a lived experience of mental health attended to share their own inspirational stories of overcoming a range of different challenges to become the people they are today


Some of the PHaMS WA team and guest speakers

Our PHaMs Employment Worker Mark Patrick was the MC for the event and his opening speech reminded everybody to look after themselves and take control of their own mental health journey.


The speakers each presented their stories which included their battle with a range of challenges, such as Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis, Bipolar, Family Breakdown, Suicide, and Abuse. As well sharing their dark times, each speaker spoke about their achievements and how they have overcome issues that has been part of their recovery. A recurring factor of recovery for everyone was, strong support from family and friends, employers and the wider community which all have a huge impact when supporting someone with mental health.


Throughout the presentations, it was clear that the overall theme was that each of these people spoke about taking ownership of their own recovery and following their goals.


It was great to hear the response from the day was overall very positive. PHaMs WA received some amazing and encouraging feedback from some of our attendees…


It was really wonderful to be part of the group, listening to each story from some very strong people and sharing their journey. I also have gained a better understanding of your organisation.
– Deborah, City of Gosnells
It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and your staff. The stories shared by your very brave participants were very heartfelt and inspiring. Thank you again for the invite
– Kate, ESG
Love the work you are doing, and well done for showcasing the lived experience, it is powerful to hear of the great challenges people have overcome due to their determination and resilience.  Keep in touch and enjoy Mental Health Week!
– Philleen, IPS Works
We are all on this journey together & in a very lucky position I feel to be able to help impact the lives of those who are lost & feel that they have no support, ‘that nobody gets them’. Your presentation really was a talking point for my Manager’s & my teams in how better we can work with our clients who suffer from mental illness in order to help them work toward a goal of employment or study.  Something life-changing.
– Kim, ESGphams-logo


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