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Judgment Index

Judgment Index TM

Good judgment is the key to success

We can provide a unique insight to the judgment and decision making ability of your current or prospective individual staff or teams, as we are an agent authorised to provide the Judgment Index™ Assessment and Consulting Services in Australia. With trained Judgment Index™ Consultants available to discuss the needs of your organisation, a tailored solution can be developed to make sure you are getting the best out of your workforce by maximising potential and identifying areas for development.

The Judgment Index™ provides real, quantifiable insight into a person’s judgment and decision making capacities. The Judgment Index™ is a scientific, mathematical, and logically based assessment tool. No other assessment tool available today provides such a unique perspective on measuring judgment. This is critical as the ultimate success of an individual or organisation greatly depends on the strength of judgment applied to a countless number of everyday decisions. From small everyday tactical decisions to the large global strategic decisions, good judgment is the key ingredient in success or failure.

The Judgment Index™ measures judgment strength and capacity in over seventy areas, including:

    • Decision Making Ability and Style
    • Work Ethic and Reliability
    • Ability to Accurately Follow Directions
    • Focus and Concentration
    • Morale and Positive Attitude
    • Trainability
    • Ability to Deal With Change
    • Trustworthiness
    • Stress Coping Skills
    • Assertiveness and Conflict Avoidance
    • Resiliency/Strong Judgment Under Stress
    • Insight and Noticing Sensitivity
    • Engagement
    • Dealing with Difficult People and Situations
    • Ability to Prioritise

Quality conscious organisations strive to ensure their people possess the best skills, processes, and information in order to perform their job and achieve desired outcomes. Good judgment greatly strengthens the outcome for success in the same way that poor judgment will weaken even the best of skill sets and intelligence. Selected Judgment Index™ indicators have provided predictive patterns that represent a high likelihood of consistent behaviours connected to outcomes. The Judgment Index™ has been used with a high level of success in a number of areas.

For more information about how the Judgment Index™ and ORS Group can assist you, refer to the following sections, contact us on 1800 000 677 or enquire online today.

Recruitment & Selection

The Judgment Index™ will improve your hiring decisions.

As good judgment greatly strengthens the outcome for success, including this measure in your selection process will assist you identify and select individuals likely to demonstrate superior competence and leadership potential.  This is because the index provides a unique insight into an individual’s strength in making decisions coupled with the capacity for making good value judgments.

Corporations often make their decisions based on interviews, resumes, skill sets and past job performance.  While those considerations are important, hiring decisions are greatly improved when the measurement of judgment is included.  The Judgment Index™ is an assessment that is difficult to fake in comparison to other selection measures providing a reliable and accurate insight into an individual’s decision making capacity. As good judgment and decision making capacity is a key element for delivering superior competence within organisations, making the correct selection decisions improves retention through better job fit and reduces costly turnover, re-selection and training.

The Judgment Index™ has been effectively used as a screening tool focusing on key areas of importance to organisations such as: risk management, customer service and leadership potential.  By using the Judgment Index™, ORS Group can assist your organisation with top performance cloning so that you can replicate superior competence within your organsiation, and have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Our consultants can help you identify ways to improve your ability to make confident hiring decisions within your organisation. For more information about how the Judgment Index™ and ORS Group can assist you, refer to the following sections, contact us on 1800 000 677 or enquire online today.

Risk & Safety Management

Risk and safety management issues receive a great deal of attention in business. Costs associated with risk management problems are significant as represented by substantial legal fees, workers’ compensation claims, lost time, insurance expenses and various types of damage payments. When risk management issues have not been addressed and handled wisely, organisational reputation and integrity – not to mention organisational survival – are put in jeopardy.

Would you like to be able to identify which employees are at greater risk of workplace accidents and workers’ compensation claims?

Would you like to have this information at the time of making your new employee selections?

The Judgment Index™ identifies those employees and applicants who are at greater risk, providing you with unique information upon which to develop staff training programs and make hiring decisions. Based on the information the Judgment Index™ provides for current employees, safety education programs can be targeted to the needs of the employees at greater risk. When implemented at the strategic level, it will assist your organisation to build a culture of health and safety.

In addition to the benefits offered by the Judgment Index™, ORS Group provides injury prevention and wellness services

to provide you with a full suite of services and professional staff to manage workplace health and safety.

For more information on how you can; reduce your costs related to risk management and employee safety, hire individuals at lower risk of being involved in an incident, or identify training needs for safety education programs; contact ORS Group  on 1800 000 677 or enquire online today.

Return to Work & Injury Management

Would you like to save time, money and effort in managing injured workers?

The Judgment Index™ allows you to determine at-risk employees. Furthermore, where injuries occur, the Critical Return to Work (RTW) Indicators Report can identify which employees are likely to have more difficulty getting back to work.  This allows you to effectively identify potential issues at a time when they are easier to address.

Timely application of the Judgment Index™ leads to early identification of issues and enables early intervention. It allows you to anticipate rehabilitation progress and implement program contingencies, thus reducing the cost of incapacity and ultimately your premium by reducing indirect costs usually incurred through lost productivity, recruitment and training costs for replacement staff.

The Critical Return to Work (RTW) Indicators Report is used to link the treatment plan of a person with disability, illness or injury with their strengths, as well as offering insight to potential barriers to a safe and timely return to work. The report serves as a guideline for the individual, employer, rehabilitation professional and insurance provider to promote accurate communication and coordination to forward progression.

In addition to the benefits offered by the Judgment Index™, ORS Group provides workplace rehabilitation along with injury prevention and wellness services to provide you with a full suite of services and professional staff to manage workplace injury and wellness.

For more information on how you can reduce your injury management and return to work costs, contact ORS Group on 1800 000 677 or enquire online today.

Engagement & Retention

How engaged in your company are your employees? Are your employees hanging around for what they can GET from the company or are they actively engaged and working for what they can GIVE to the company?

The emotional attachment an individual feels towards an organisation is a critical factor in determining discretionary effort, loyalty, morale and ultimately performance. These factors are all directly linked to improving staff retention and minimizing staff turnover thus improving your bottom line.

If you are tired of losing your best employees, the Engagement Report from the Judgment Index™ can help identify underappreciated, bored, stressed and restless staff and provide key information about the level of engagement the employees feel toward their place of work.  Identification opens the door to communication, dialogue and understanding, and ultimately, to employee satisfaction and retention.

Through the results of this assessment, our consultants can help you identify ways to improve employee engagement within your organisation. Contact ORS Group on 1800 000 677 or enquire online today.

Management & Leadership Dev.

Do you need to develop a new leadership team? Do you have a GOOD leadership team but you think they can be GREAT?

We all know there are many leadership styles; some are effective, some not so effective.  The Judgment Index™ measures strengths and weaknesses in the values and judgments which underpin leadership. Armed with the knowledge of judgment capacities, leadership can be developed, strengthened and improved and senior executives will fully understand the values and judgment capacities of the people they lead.  The Judgment Index™ helps you identify future leaders in your organisation, as well as areas of strength and weakness in your current leaders by providing unique insight into your leadership team’s strengths and weaknesses and improving communication, problem solving, planning and decision making.

The Judgment Index™ provides an effective tool for development planning that can be available at the point of induction allowing you to maximise the success of a new hire, or select your new employees in consideration of your succession planning. From the Judgment Index™ a development report can be derived that highlights individual areas for development and provides information about an individual’s value judgments in relation to the work place and their role.  Additionally, the Judgment Index™ can be used as an effective pre-post measure of development initiatives.

The Judgment Index™ also provides information to help you develop superior performing teams by identifying a team’s judgment strengths and selecting team members in consideration of those strengths. Team development programs that are implemented with the support of the Judgment Index™ will develop stronger teams as it provides individuals and teams with a better understanding of team conflict and internal dynamics. Such understanding has been linked to improved communication and interaction, and ultimately team performance and decision making capabilities.

For assistance to identify ways to support individual, management and leadership development, and improve team performance, contact ORS Group on 1800 000 677 or enquire online today.

Personal Health & Wellness

Are you committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of your employees? Are you looking for something different to the corporate health assessments and exercise programs you are currently doing to take your program to the next level?

The Judgment Index™ provides critical information with respect to wellness behavior of individuals. Doing well in life and in work will always be predicated on being well. To get the best out of your workforce, you want employees to feel well and to be well as when they take care of their personal health they are better placed to perform at optimum levels for your business and clients.

The Wellness Report is another element of the Judgment Index™ that can assist you in meeting your organisational goals by helping you ensure you have a healthy workforce. It assesses elements of personal judgment that have a significant impact on wellness issues at home and in the workplace such as:

    • Personal Wellness
    • Individual Stress
    • Work‐Life Balance
    • Successful Weight Management

The report is a diagnostic and prescriptive guide which provides insight into the present state of an individual’s wellness judgment and offers prescriptive suggestions for improvement for those areas identified as needing some personal attention. This means that an individually tailored wellness program can be implemented for employees that may be struggling with their wellness, or alternatively key areas of concern for employee groups can be identified to help tailor your corporate health programs to meet the needs of your employees rather than taking an “off-the-shelf” approach to corporate health and wellness.

In addition to the benefits offered by the Judgment Index™ and the Wellness Report, ORS Group provides injury prevention and wellness services offering you a range of services and professional staff to help you manage workplace wellness.

For more information on how you can support and improve the wellness of your workforce through the Judgment Index TM, contact ORS Group  on 1800 000 677 or enquire online today.

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