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Injury Prevention & Wellness

Injury Prevention & Wellness

Promoting Productivity in the Workplace

Did you know that most workplaces can be improved to reduce, if not eliminate, Health and Safety risks? If you want to prevent injury in your workplace, reduce your number of Workers’ Compensation claims and improve the health, safety and wellness of your employees, ORS Group can help.

We provide companies all over Australia with a range of tailored services to minimise the likelihood of injury, maximise productivity and to safeguard workplace wellness.  If you need help managing your Workers’ Compensation claims, we can help you too; though our Workplace Rehabilitation services.

To find out more about our Injury Prevention and Wellness Services, check out the info below, call ORS Group on 1800 000 677, contact your local Injury Prevention office or enquire online today!

Our Approach

Our team of qualified professionals provide assistance to both workers and employers, offering a range of solutions to employers who want to create a safer, more productive workplace.

Our Professional Allied Health staff include:

    • Occupational Therapists
    • Rehabilitation Counsellors
    • Disability Specialists
    • Psychologists
    • Physiotherapists
    • Exercise Physiologists
    • And more…

Our solutions will help you to:

    • Identify and manage risk
    • Prevent injuries and accidents
    • Increase productivity
    • Become a preferred employer

Our Services

Worksite Assessments

Workplace assessments will ensure your employees are as productive as possible while looking after their health and safety. An experienced therapist will make practical recommendations to match individuals to their work design, tools, stations and environment to reduce injury risk and improve employee wellbeing. Learn more…

Ergonomic Assessments

ORS Group has extensive experience in conducting individual and group ergonomic assessments of computer based workstations, and providing training in how to correctly set up a workstation. These services help minimise injuries experienced by computer based employees and improve productivity and employee wellness. Learn more…

Training Services

ORS Group offers a wide variety of customised training options to help improve workplace wellness. As well as a suite of wellness topics to improve employee insight and wellness we also offer training for senior managers to assist with their Health and Safety obligations and staff management. Learn more…

Exercise Programs

ORS Group employ Exercise Physiologists and Physiotherapists who offer individual and group exercise programs for all fitness levels. Whether it is a gym-based program to build work capacity, a hydrotherapy program for injury rehabilitation or an outdoor group fitness program for workplace wellness, ORS Group can help. Learn more…

Manual Handling

ORS Group is experienced in providing Manual Handling training and audits to help minimise the risk of workplace injury. We offer tailored training courses covering the theoretical and practical components of Manual Handling. These incorporate your organisational policies and procedures, making this an invaluable service for any organisation. Our audits help identify areas of high risk for your staff and provide recommendations for minimising this risk through improved work practices. Learn more…

Functional Capacity Evaluations

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE) are important in determining the physical capacity of an individual with regards to work. They can be used as a pre-employment assessment to determine job fit, as a vocational planning tool to ascertain what jobs would be suitable for an individual planning their next career move, or as a guide throughout the return to work process to ensure that work tasks are suited to the recovery progress of an injured person. Learn more…

Pre-Employment Services

Pre-Employment Assessments are the key to a successful employee selection process. Ensuring the right fit of an employee to the job demands can reduce lost time due to injuries, and lower associated costs including workers compensation premiums. Learn more…



The Town of Bassendean has utilised the services of ORS Group for a number of years which has included our employee assistance program, workplace investigations and staff presentations. ORS Group have always worked in close consultation with the Town to fully understand our needs and provide suitable solutions and recommendations to create a positive and agreeable outcome.
Renae Maher, Human Resources Coordinator, Town of Bassendean