Our people are our biggest asset.

Executive Directors and Executive Management

Peter Scott, Executive Director, Chairperson
BPsych, GradDipPsych, MRehabCouns, GAICD

Peter has been involved in rehabilitation in both Australia and the United States of America since 1982 and in employment services since 1975. Prior to taking over ORS Group in 1992 where he remained the CEO until early 2019, Peter was one of the founding managers of the Rehabilitation Division at the Workers’ Compensation and Rehabilitation Commission (WorkCover WA). Peter is passionate about making a positive difference in people’s lives. He recognises that helping people achieve their goals is one significant way to do that, and inspires this belief in all who work with ORS. Peter is an accomplished speaker, innovator and leader.


Jacqueline Lane, Executive Director

Jacqueline is passionate about helping businesses drive performance and innovation through clear strategy, leadership and stakeholder engagement. Jacqueline is an organised and proactive executive and HR professional with over 10 years of leadership and management in the allied health, workplace rehabilitation, disability, training and employment sectors. Proven expertise linking business strategy to operational management through her previous roles managing multiple corporate departments across the areas of property, safety, marketing, learning and development, human resources, quality, finance and accounts. Wanting to help businesses create solid foundations for performance, Jacqueline is a member of a number of community and commercial boards including Managing Director of her own co-working, networking and business support agency in Perth.

Dr Vanessa Parletta, Chief Executive Officer
BPsych(Hons), MSoSc(Crim), MBA(HRM), DBA

Dr Vanessa Parletta is the CEO of ORS and is a passionate advocate for providing clients with high quality evidence-based allied health services that work. Vanessa’s Doctorate thesis involved the implementation and evaluation of evidence-based supported employment (Individual Placement and Support) for adults with severe and persistent mental illness. Vanessa’s theses from her Masters and Bachelor degrees involved the implementation and evaluation of a coping skills program for at-risk prisoners and the implementation and evaluation of a stress management program for mainstream prisoners. Vanessa is a strong believer in the evaluation of services to ensure that they are achieving client and funder goals and helping people reach their potential. Currently ORS is assessing the impact of emotion regulation practices on the reduction of physical aggression in an NDIS client population receiving positive behaviour support services.

Vanessa has over 20 years’ management experience of large government/insurer funded programs for clients with injuries/disabilities requiring assistance to overcome barriers and achieve their goals. Vanessa was awarded the National Employment Services Association Discovery Grant Award in 2012/2013 for her leadership and innovation within the employment services industry. She was also the National Winner, Disability Employment Australia Bid Management Capability Award in 2011.

Vanessa has co-authored three journal articles published in peer reviewed journals and has presented at national and international conferences including the OECD Local Economic and Employment Development Forum in Dublin/Kilkenny. Vanessa’s main areas of interest include the assessment of dangerousness and how to reduce physical aggression towards others, including the prevention of critical incidents in workplace settings. She is also an expert in the area of restrictive practices and developing positive behaviour support plans involving these.

Lisa Baker, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Cert IV Bus, Cert IV EmpServ, DipMgt, MBA (current)

Lisa has over 15 years’ experience in workers compensation and vocational rehabilitation, disability employment services and in helping people with injuries, disabilities and health conditions to achieve their vocational and personal goals. Lisa is currently completing her Masters of Business Administration.

Lisa is extremely passionate about continuous performance improvement through strategic process development and training excellence across both corporate and operational areas. Lisa has mentored hundreds of employees throughout her career and loves nothing more than seeing people progress and succeed as a result. Lisa thrives on implementing transformational change and has led major projects within ORS such as the implementation of the NDIS division, enhancement of the New Employer Workplace Rehabilitation area, and streamlining multiple corporate services areas to improve organisational efficiency, profitability and effectiveness. Lisa’s expertise lies in her ability to interpret and manage contracts, develop and manage systems, improve policies and processes and achieve strong performance across multiple contracts and service divisions. Lisa’s ability to comprehend complex data and information, and her attention to detail is exceptional.

With a strong focus on business health and significant growth, Lisa is continuing to coordinate projects and strategies that will increase ORS’ employee behavioural and competency development, improve corporate governance and contract management effectiveness, increase service quality and effectiveness and ensure strong accountability is maintained.

National and State Management and Operations

Aleiksajender Caterjian, Psychological Services Manager NSW/ACT, Psychology Services

Alex Caterjian, External Psychological Supervisor and Clinical Registrar Supervisor
BSocSc(Sociol), BA(Psych), PGDPsych, MPsych(Clinical)

Alex has 12 years of experience providing psychological therapy in private practice and state and federal government agencies, including Centrelink and NSW Health. He is an AHPRA approved supervisor for provisional and intern Psychologists, as well as for Clinical Psychology Registrars, having helped numerous provisional and clinical psychologists achieve full registration and endorsement.

Alex’s areas of expertise include trauma, sexuality, and men’s health. He also specialises in depression, anxiety, and compulsive behaviours. His main areas of interest include psychological dysfunctions impacting on weight and the evidence-based interventions to treat these conditions, notably emotion regulation training and cognitive remediation.

Alex is highly skilled in the provision of a range of therapeutic approaches including Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT), motivational interviewing, interpersonal psychotherapy, and brief solution-focused therapies. He has significant experiences and skills in the delivery of neurocognitive assessments for cognitive and intellectual functioning, personality disturbances, and forensic and medico-legal preparations and reports.

Dr Amanda Miller Amberber, Speech Pathology Services Manager

PhD, MA (Ling), BAppSc (SpPath), GCHE, MSPA, CPSP

Dr Amanda Miller Amberber is a highly experienced clinical and research speech pathologist, academic, clinical educator and researcher. She has worked across Australia including Perth, Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, and regional Victoria & NSW with paediatric, adult and older adult clients, and with their families and health, education and care support professionals. Amanda’s breadth of clinical skills and experience include communication, speech and language delay and impairment across the lifespan, swallowing impairment (dysphagia) and mealtime management, hearing management, stroke and aphasia rehabilitation, vocational rehabilitation, acquired brain injury (TBI) and neurological conditions (including Parkinson’s, Motor Neuron Disease, dementia, Primary Progressive Aphasia), multimodal communication and palliative care. Amanda has particular expertise and experience in working with multi/bilingual and multi/bicultural clients and families from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Amanda is passionate about providing person-centred services that support and empower individuals, families and carers. She recognises the strengths and abilities of each client and works in collaborative partnership using evidence-based approaches to help clients achieve their goals. Amanda draws upon person and family-centred practice, strengths-based and re-ablement approaches and ensures these are reflected in all speech pathology services provided by ORS speech pathologists.

Amanda has led and contributed to health research focused on improving language assessment and intervention for multilingual individuals, improved care for older adults in residential care, and reablement community care approaches. Her PhD and research MA focused on multi/bilingual language assessment and intervention, and her PhD thesis was awarded the Michael Clyne Prize 2013 for the best Australian thesis on bilingualism and language contact. She has past and present affiliations with research centres at Macquarie University, UNSW, University of Sydney, and is currently an Associate Investigator and Advisory Panel Member with the I-HARP project.

Amanda has published in peer reviewed international journals, edited a special issue of the Journal of Neurolinguistics, and presented at national and international conferences including invited presentations in Singapore; Cambridge University, UK; McGill University, Canada; Universidad Pontificia Catolica de Chile. She regularly provides community seminars and is a sought after speaker. She is committed to Indigenous recognition and reconciliation.

Amelia Margaritis, Administration Manager
Cert III BusAdmin

Amelia has over 5 years of management experience and has primarily worked within the Disability Employment Services (DES) sector before moving to NDIS. In DES Amelia has held many different positions including; Disability Employment Consultant (Case Manager), Site Manager and National Claims and Compliance Coordinator before moving across to NDIS as an Administration Officer. Amelia is a highly organised individual with the ability to multitask and prioritise tasks so that they are effectively finalised within given timeframes. She has a strong focus on customer service and ensures that customer queries are dealt with promptly. Amelia is passionate about the disability sector and thrives on providing quality customer service from the point a client enquiry is received. Amelia believes in making service access as easy and efficient as possible and instils this in every action and her team.

Ankita Surpal, Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology Manager
BPhys, GDipMgt, MHSM

Ankita has had over 10 years of experience as a Physiotherapist in acute, post-surgical and rehabilitation Hospitals, Aged Care and Paediatric clinics. Ankita’s specialties include Stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, Multiple Sclerosis, Ataxia and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Her passion is helping adults with all neurological conditions; and children with Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy and other genetic disorders.

Ankita has joined ORS with a mission of providing high quality person centred care; and making a positive difference to every person with disability and their quality of life.

Anthea Smith, General Manager Psychological Services and Behaviour Support
BA(Psych) (Hons), MPsych(Couns)

Anthea has over 15 years’ experience as a registered counselling psychologist and is an AHPRA approved supervisor. Anthea has extensive experience managing psychological and behaviour support services within organisations and is passionate about helping to train and develop provisional and registered psychologists and behaviour support practitioners to become the best they can be in their preferred areas of interest. Anthea’s expertise includes positive behaviour support assessments and interventions, particularly involving clients with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Severe and Persistent Mental Illness, couple and family therapy, group therapy programs (children and adults), emotion regulation training, trauma counselling and pain management counselling.

Anthea believes strongly in the need to evaluate the effectiveness of services provided and is currently heading up research within ORS involving the impact of emotion regulation training on the reduction of physical aggression in clients receiving behaviour support funding under the NDIS.

Ashleigh Johnston, Strategy and Performance Coordinator
Cert IV ES, Cert IV FLM

Ashleigh has over 12 years’ experience working in Employment Services, Workplace Rehabilitation and Health and more recently within the employment area of the NDIS. Ashleigh has placed hundreds of clients into employment throughout her employment with ORS. She has also managed five star employment service sites and regions and helped to train others to replicate her results.

Ashleigh strongly believes in the benefits of employment in improving health outcomes and recovery. However, she understands the need for the vocational goal and company culture to match the needs, wants and career aspirations as well as the capacity of the client for any placement to be successful. Ashleigh’s expertise is in the area of motivational interviewing, vocational goal planning and in employer selection and marketing.

Dr Cally Kent, Occupational Therapy Training Manager
PhD, BAppSc (OT) honours

Dr Cally Kent is an experienced clinical Occupational Therapist, researcher and educator. She has worked with children, families and teachers in a paediatric clinical role from early intervention to school aged and adolescence. Cally has also worked with injured workers and their employees in a vocational rehabilitation role. In 2019, Cally completed her PhD studies which included developing a social play intervention for primary school aged children with autism and completing a randomised control trial to measure the effectiveness of the intervention. Cally is passionate about the importance of applying research to practice and supporting therapists to implement effective interventions.

Cally has developed numerous continuing professional development trainings for Occupational Therapists, has published several peer-reviewed journal articles and continues to support student Occupational Therapists as a sessional academic. She supports the development of each individual therapist’s ability to complete comprehensive assessments and develop a therapeutic relationship with their clients. Cally brings a dedication to evidence based practice and person centred care to her work with the ORS Occupational Therapy team.

Claudia Dunn, Behaviour Support Manager

Claudia is a Provisional Psychologist with over 3 years’ experience in supporting people with disability of all ages including children. Claudia also has experience assisting individuals with the full range of disabilities and cognitive functioning levels including clients who are non-verbal. Claudia’s expertise is her ability to develop high quality positive behaviour support plans quickly and train staff in all of the strategies outlined. Claudia has written numerous Interim and Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plans involving restrictive practices and has a strong understanding of what is required in this area. Claudia has an interest in working with children and adolescents as well as individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Donna Thomas, Occupational Therapy Services Manager – WA

Donna has 13 years of experience as an OT and has worked with people across all ages from early intervention through to adults with complex disabilities. Donna’s expertise lies within equipment prescriptions, home modifications, paediatrics, sensory processing, positive behaviour support as well as mental health.  She is an accredited DIR®/Floortime® therapist and is passionate on promoting development by encouraging children to interact with parents and others through play. She is passionate about empowering all individuals to overcome barriers and improve quality of life.

Dr Geoff Waghorn, Senior Innovation and Research
BSocSci, PGDipPsych, PhD

Dr Waghorn has 24 years’ experience as a Registered Psychologist and 23 years in research. He is one of the leading experts on vocational rehabilitation including Individual Placement and Support (evidence-based supported employment) within Australia and internationally. To date Dr Waghorn has contributed to over 120 peer reviewed research publications. Most of his research has focussed on improving the recovery and social inclusion of individuals living with disabilities and health conditions.

In 2014 Dr Waghorn entered into the Disability Employment Australia Hall of Fame for his significant contribution to improving the lives and experiences of people with mental illness seeking employment. Dr Waghorn’s expertise includes an ability to simplify complex information and research to ensure that it can be practically applied in the real world. Geoff is a passionate advocate of open employment for people living with disabilities and severe mental illnesses who want to work. He has challenged low expectations in society with questions such as “show me the evidence that this person cannot work given the right support and a suitable job match.”

Dr Waghorn is currently assisting ORS to improve our services through ongoing evaluation and documentation of best practices. He is also overseeing our research into the impact of emotion regulation on the reduction of aggression for NDIS clients receiving behaviour support services

Elizabeth Trickey, Strategy and Performance Manager

Elizabeth has worked within the employment services industry, workplace rehabilitation industry and NDIS for the past 13 years within many different roles including site, region, service area and national management roles. Elizabeth has a strong focus on contract/service area knowledge, performance, staff morale and team culture and is able to work within any team to identify and address process, performance and system issues and subsequently generate improved performance. Elizabeth’s areas of expertise and interest include customer service, complaints handling, performance improvement and staff management.

Geoffery Henrisson, Reporting Manager
BBus (Acc and InfoTech)

Geoffery has over 30 years’ experience across various industries in the areas of accounting and business reporting and analysis. In his role, Geoffery is responsible for supporting individual business divisions, conferring with managers and executives to provide key performance metrics, designing interactive dashboards to track, review and analyse performance and revenue KPIs. Geoffery’s expertise is his ability to communicate with staff at all levels about data and trends as well as his skills in designing, analysing and reporting to increase profitability and efficiency.

Irina Ristevska Positive Behaviour Support

Irina Risteska, NSW Behaviour Support Manager
BSc (Psych), BSc (Psych Hons), MCurricInstr (ABA), BCBA

Irina is a Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner and Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) with over seven years’ experience helping children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder to reduce and eliminate challenging behaviour. Irina has conducted interventions across many environments including schools and day care centres and regularly provides consultations to Paediatricians and other medica and allied health professionals. Irina has extensive experience across all areas of applied behaviour analysis and behaviour support including discrete trail training, naturalistic environment teaching, antecedent interventions, consequence interventions, Picture Exchange Communication Systems, feeding programs, sleeping programs, social skills programs, self-stimulatory behaviours, self-injurious behaviours, data collection, graphing and analysis, behavioural skills training, and functional behaviour assessments and analysis. In addition to client interventions, Irina enjoys staff training and development and is a board-approved supervisor to other practitioners undergoing BCBA training.

Joseph-Carrello, Psychologist, Perth

Joseph Carrello, Psychological Services Manager – WA
BPsych, JI Accredited Trainer

Joseph has over 30 years’ experience as a Registered Psychologist across multiple government and private sector organisations and authorities. He is an AHRPA approved supervisor and has assisted many provisional psychologists achieve full registration. Joseph has extensive service delivery and management experience and currently oversees ORS’ Western Australia Primary Health Alliance contracts for short term brief intervention psychological counselling for adults and children with mild to moderate mental health presentations in WA as well as our Employee Assistance Program services contracts nationally.

Joseph’s expertise is in the areas of EAP service provision, evidence-based psychological counselling, couples counselling, mediation and conflict resolution, outplacement and career transition, Psychological Assessments and delivering training presentations on psychology-related topics. He also specialises in the critical incident and trauma debriefing areas and has assisted numerous companies, individuals and families recovering from significant workplace accidents. He is also the only accredited Judgment Index (value-based assessment) trainer accredited outside the USA to conduct training in the Judgment Index and has presented keynote addresses at international conferences.

Katie Scriven, Team Leader - Workplace Rehabilitation and Health and Physical Services/Occupational Therapist, Workplace Rehabilitation and Health

Katie Scriven, Occupational Therapy Services Manager – VIC

Katie is an AHPRA registered OT who is the Team Leader for Newcastle and Central Coast, overseeing Workplace Rehabilitation and NDIS Occupational Therapy services. Katie has extensive experience across multiple schemes including: NSW WorkCover, NDIS, DVA and Aged Care. Katie enjoys working as part of a multi-disciplinary team and likes to take a holistic view of clients and their needs. Katie’s expertise involves Supported Independent Living Assessments, Assistive Technology Applications and Home Modification Assessments. Katie has an interest in sensory intervention and the provision of positive behaviour support. She is particularly interested in how both areas interrelate and enjoys the holistic approach that needs to be taken when conducting these interventions. Katie’s role as team leader consists of supporting staff and ensuring high quality assessments, documentation and services are being providing throughout her team.

Lauren Dennis, Physiotherapist, Parramatta

Lauren Denniss, Regional Manager – Workplace Rehabilitation and Health

Lauren has 3 years’ experience within workplace rehabilitation working across multiple schemes including icare, Comcare and DVA and 3 years’ experience in clinical physiotherapy, including within the NDIS and previously her own practice. Lauren enjoys taking a holistic approach when helping injured workers and people with disability and health conditions to fulfil their maximum health potential and improve their quality of life. Lauren has experience working with clients of all ages, abilities and functional capacities. Lauren is a high performer who achieves outstanding client outcomes and enjoys training and mentoring others using her clinical and rehabilitation skills to improve their results.

Maria Humayun, Behaviour Support Manager ACT


Maria has over five years’ of experience in Behaviour Support, working with children across a wide array of ages, backgrounds, different levels of Autism Spectrum (ASD) and disabilities as well as verbal and non-verbal children. Her experience includes supporting and assisting children to acquire social, life, and educational skills. Maria enjoys working with challenging behaviours & helping parents to understand behaviour therapy and how to run programs with their children at home better. Maria thoroughly believes that with the right support structure and guidance, people with disabilities can also overcome challenges to have superior standards of living. With her background in psychology, Maria loves to look at the bigger picture when she is working on an issue and come up with creative ways to attend to them. Maria focuses on delivering individualised servicing, and she truly believes one size does not fit all as everyone has different needs. Maria has recently moved to Canberra (ACT) after spending 8 years in Sydney (NSW).  Maria is multilingual and speaks English, Urdu and Hindi.

Marko Bajic, Business Improvement Manager
Cert IV MentalHlth, DipEmpServ, DipMgt

Marko has 10 years of management experience and has predominantly worked within the Disability Employment Services and NDIS sectors. Within the sector, Marko has held many different positions including; General Manager, National Performance Manager, Mental Health and Disability Specialist and Regional Manager. Marko is passionate about helping people with a disability live their best lives, and he strives to achieve this through his commitment to exceptional customer service, training and development of staff, implementation of systems and efficiencies and his strong focus on quality and ensuring that the National Standards for Disability Services, NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Framework, NDIS Practice Standards and ISO 9001:2015 underpins all of ORS’ service delivery. Marko’s expertise lies in his ability to manage multiple contracts, develop and roll out policies, procedures and systems across multiple businesses division. His expertise are underpinned by his strong performance orientation, background in digital design, love of social media and technology, strong marketing knowledge, business improvement and development skills as well as his extensive experience in quality and compliance management across multiple industries.

Matthew Frearson, Customer Experience Manager
BBSc(Psych), DipCouns

Matthew currently manages the customer experience within ORS. He oversees the organisation’s referral and booking process, administration, staff allocation, and customer feedback. Matthew has had extensive experience across multiple roles within ORS and has worked across employment services, NDIS including School Leaver Employment Supports, Finding and Keeping a Job and Behaviour Support in addition to holding a number of management roles. He is passionate about providing exceptional customer service and high-quality evidence-based services in a timely manner and ensures all feedback is actioned and addressed with solutions in place to reduce similar issues occurring in the future.

Megan Perry, Behaviour Support Manager
BPsych (Hons)

Megan is a Provisional Psychologist and Behaviour Support Practitioner and has over 10 years’ experience supporting people with disabilities and mental health conditions in the Newcastle area. Megan’s expertise lies in her ability to establish rapport and trust with all parties, understand the function of challenging behaviours and work with families and support workers to develop practical and easy to apply strategies that work. Megan is able to work with extremely complex clients including those with forensic backgrounds and individuals who have experienced trauma and abuse. She has an extensive knowledge of person-centred and trauma-informed care models and experience with developing Interim and Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plans involving restrictive practices. Megan’s interests include working with adolescents and young people with disabilities and helping them to reach their potential and training and developing other Behaviour Support Practitioners.

Michelle Opacic, Psychologist, Parramatta NSW

Michelle Opacic, Psychological Services Manager – NSW, VIC, ACT
MPsych (Clin), MA Psych, BA Psych

Michelle is a registered psychologist with over 20 years’ experience working in the public and privet sectors. Michelle has experience in providing psychological assessments and treatments for children, adolescents and adults. Michelle has previously worked in community adult and adolescent mental health, early intervention for psychosis and private inpatient hospital settings. Throughout her career, Michelle has had the opportunity to provide effective services to schools by providing cognitive assessments for children with learning difficulties. For the past 15 years, Michelle has been working within the private practice sector, including operating her own private clinic for the past 10 years. Further to Michelle’s vast experience, she has also gained extensive understanding working with EAP providers. Michelle’s area of expertise includes depression, anxiety disorders across the lifespan, relationships, attachment disorders, and sexual issues and dysfunction. Michelle is experienced in cognitive behaviour therapy, dialectical behaviour therapy techniques, acceptance and mindfulness therapy and emotionally focussed therapy. She is also passionate about psychoeducation and presenting training programs to groups and organisations. Michelle is bi-lingual and also speaks Serbian.

Petrina Scott, Account Manager
BArts, Cert IV TAE, Cert IV FLM, Cert IV ES

Petrina has over 15 years’ experience working with individuals with disabilities, injuries and health conditions as well as other forms of disadvantage and helping them to achieve their personal and employment goals. Petrina has personally assisted hundreds of clients to achieve employment through her marketing and support efforts.

Whilst working at ORS, Petrina has managed multiple programs, services and projects and enjoys developing and training staff to exceed program and client expectations. Petrina is currently managing the WA NDIS services along with the Psychosocial Support Program, previously known as PHaMs. Petrina’s expertise includes marketing, business development and assisting large employers to develop and sustain successful disability employment programs within their organisations.

Rebecca Ryan, Accountant
BCom, DipFinPlan, CPA, Xero Partner Accreditation

Rebecca is a CPA qualified Accountant who has worked in practice for over 20 years gaining a wide range of accounting, tax and audit experience, working for a variety of clients across numerous industries. Rebecca’s expertise involves her ability to quickly understand how different industries work and what strategies are required to maximise growth and financial performance.

Rob Savage, IT Manager
DipMgt, GradCertBus, GradDipBus, MBA, MCSE, Prince 2 Foundation Cert, ITIL Foundation Cert

Rob has a technical and managerial background with over 20 years’ experience, primarily in the Information Technology industry. Working within both the private and public sectors Rob has a proven ability to develop and strengthen management teams in order to maximise company profitability and efficiency. With a strong technical background Rob has spent time in both Canada and the United Kingdom offering consultation services to companies such as IBM and Hewlett Packard. Rob’s areas of interest include information systems and process management.

Rod Dever, Job Development and Marketing Manager

Rod has more than 20 years’ experience in returning people with an injury, medical condition or disability to meaningful and gainful employment. Focusing on employer engagement, candidate and service marketing, business development and placement supports. Rod has a demonstrated track record in being able to work with industry professionals to identify their needs and work in partnership with them to attract, train, recruit and support candidates in employment, both directly and with third party employment options in place. Rod is also able to work directly with candidates to help them identify their career aspirations and achieve their employment goals by marketing them to appropriate employers while also assisting candidates in learning how to market themselves. Rod is passionate about providing exceptional services to employers, candidates and stakeholders. In his 20 plus years of experience, Rod has placed thousands of candidates into stable employment. Rod holds qualifications in human resources, marketing, employment services, training, and the mental health field.

Shannon Moss, Behaviour Support Manager

BA (Psych), MClinCouns, Registered NDIS Behaviour Support Practitioner

Shannon is a motivated, passionate and committed Clinical Counsellor and Behaviour Support Practitioner with over 2 years’ experience working within the NDIS area of ORS. Shannon also has experience in disability case management and job development. She has outstanding counselling skills and can work with clients of all ages with all psychological presentations. Shannon builds exceptional rapport with her clients and works with them side by side to help them learn the skills they need to overcome their particular challenges and achieve the goals they set out for themselves. Shannon is very client-focused and ensures she takes the time to understand her clients and what they want to achieve. Shannon strongly believes in ongoing development and continuous learning and is always researching new evidence-based practices/interventions to include in her behaviour support plans/counselling interventions. Shannon is passionate about working with youth, people who have undergone trauma and complex cases.

Simone Jones, Physical Services Manager

Simone has over 20 years of experience as an OT and has worked within paediatric mental health, workplace rehabilitation, disability and NDIS sectors. Simone’s expertise lies within the workplace and home modifications for people with disabilities, health conditions and injuries. Simone also specialises in assistive technology prescription; functional daily living skills and Supported Independent Living (SIL) assessments and ergonomics. Simone is a hands-on manager who enjoys training and developing staff and helping them to learn the skills needed to assist clients to overcome barriers and achieve their goals.

Simone Parke, Parramatta, Exercise Physiologist

Simone Parke, Regional Manager –  Workplace Rehabilitation and Health
BExPhysiol, ESSAM AEP, ASCA Level 1 Coach

Simone has 4 years’ experience working within the workplace rehabilitation industry across multiple roles including Rehabilitation Consultant, RTW Coordinator and Team Leader. Prior to this Simone worked as an Exercise Physiologist assisting children and adults through exercise prescription and pre-employment health screening. Simone is a strong believer in the benefits of exercise to overall health and mental well-being. Her areas of interest include: chronic pain, exercise prescription for individuals with cancer, exercise prescription for paediatric populations and complex multi-factorial WorkCover claims. Simone also has expertise in working with employers to help them address unsafe work practices resulting in injuries and WorkCover claims. Simone has recently commenced conducting exercise programs for NDIS clients with complex behaviours also receiving concurrent positive behaviour support intervention.

Travis Williamson, Gosford, Central Coast

Travis Williamson, Marketing Manager

Travis has over 10 years’ experience working in the Employment Services sector. Travis has vast experience in relationship management and employment program development. Travis has worked with some of Australia’s largest brand name employers to design, create and rollout employment programs across the country, which have resulted in thousands of job placements. Travis has been invited to guest speak at national and international conferences, including the USA McDonald’s World Wide Convention, Australian Network on Disability Conference and the NZ Franchising Expo to showcase these programs and the positive impacts seen through employing people with a disability, injury or illness.

Travis has a passion for working with youth and helping them shape and design their futures starting with finding the perfect first job. 

Vahna Soucie, Strategy and Performance Coordinator

Dip Management & Leadership

Vahna has 13 years’ experience in managing, training and developing high performing individuals and teams. She has worked in the disability employment services industry for 9 years holding roles as a consultant and manager for sites, regions and service areas. A consistent high performer herself, she has led the transition of numerous disability employment service sites and regions to achieve a five-star rating. Vahna believes that building an inclusive and resilient team culture is essential for the success of performance improvement initiatives. Her passion for empowering others and her expertise in performance management, training and development enable her to bring out the best in co-workers and clients alike.

Winnie Chong, Psychological Training and Development Manager BSc(Psych), PGradDipPsych, DipPsychPrac

Winnie is a registered psychologist who is passionate in empowering people to move towards and achieve their goals through listening, counselling and support. She adopts a collaborative working style and believes in meeting people where they are at. Winnie recognises people come from different cultural and or religious backgrounds and appreciates individual strengths and values they bring into their sessions as a way of providing a holistic approach to mental health and wellbeing.

Winnie has over 13 years of extensive experience working across a variety of setting. Winnie has worked in Mental Health and Community Rehabilitation, Disability Employment Services, Private Practice and NDIS. All of which gave her opportunities to work with people from all walks of life including, but not limited to, parents with younger children who have behavioural and or developmental difficulties in playgroup settings, teenagers and older people who are homeless, people who experience acute and chronic mental health issues and mature-aged clients.

Winnie utilises a wide range of therapeutic styles including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, Brief solution-focused therapy, Strength-based approach, Mindfulness and Motivational Interviewing techniques. Furthermore, she is also an AHPRA approved supervisor for Provisional Psychologist, registered Circle of Security parent educator, which is based on Attachment Theory. Winnie specialises in mental health matters such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia spectrum disorders, behavioural intervention support management, relationship issues, perinatal counselling, vocational counselling, case management, coaching and group training. She is proficient in English and Mandarin and understands Cantonese, Hakka and Malay well.

Zsofia Ablonczy, Behaviour Support Manager   

GDipArts(Psych), PGDipArts(Psych), MArts(Psych), PGDip(AppPsych)

Zsofia is a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) and a Registered Psychologist. She has over eighteen years’ experience supporting individuals with a range of developmental and intellectual disabilities. Zsofia is passionate about providing high-quality evidence-based services to improve people’s quality of life.

Zsofia has ten years of experience working as a conductor-teacher, in New Zealand and Hungary. In this role, she lead small groups and 1:1 conductive classes for children with cerebral palsy and learning and behavioural difficulties. Zsofia has been working in the field of Behaviour Analysis for six years in New Zealand and Australia. Her expertise lies in early intervention and has extensive experience in conducting functional assessment, designing and implementing behavioural interventions to reduce and replace challenging behaviours. Zsofia has a special interest in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), staff and parent training. She is also a qualified supervisor and has been providing supervision to students pursuing BCBA or BCaBA certification.

Team Leaders and Senior Practitioners and Speech Pathologists

Alex Vermeer, Provisional Psychologist/ Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner


 Alex is a Provisional Psychologist and Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner with experience in NDIS job development and case management and has over a years’ experience with supporting individuals living with a disability through the provision of behaviour support and psychological services. Alex is very proactive, organised and enjoys working with clients to help them identify and achieve their goals while providing them with the tools to become more independent and improving their quality of life. Alex is very performance focused and achieves excellent results in all of her work areas. Alex’s interests include developing positive, client centred Behaviour Support Plans and providing training to those supporting clients to ensure the clients goals are realised.

Amanda Tucker, Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner

Amanda is a Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner with over 8 years’ experience working with children and adolescents with challenging behaviours, particularly individuals on the Autism Spectrum. She has extensive experience tailoring and delivering interventions to a wide range of behaviours such as self-injurious, demand avoidance, eating, sleeping and as well as teaching programs. Amanda also has overseas experience having worked in the UK in a specialised school for students with multiple learning difficulties and behaviours of concern. Amanda takes a collaborative approach to servicing involving families, support staff, teachers and educational assistants across a diverse range of community and clinical settings. She is very passionate about helping vulnerable individuals to navigate the challenges they experience and provide support while promoting self-determination.

April Hiscott, Psychologist, Positive Behaviour Support

April Hiscott, Behaviour Support Manager – ACT
BPsych (Hons)

April is a Provisional Psychologist with over three years’ experience working with individuals with disabilities who present with challenging behaviours. April has expertise in the formulation of the reasons behind an individual’s challenging behaviour and in strategy development. April really enjoys working in partnership with her clients and their supports to help them learn to improve their skills and replace challenging behaviours with other behaviours that allow them to maintain better relationships with others and that are less dangerous to themselves. April receives outstanding feedback from everyone she works with and her skills and expertise in positive behaviour support are well known. April has extensive experience in the development of positive behaviour support plans including those involving restrictive practices. April also enjoys training and developing other staff to develop skills in this area. April’s areas of interest include the psychological development of children and young people, developmental disabilities, complex mental health concerns, ABIs and Intellectual Disabilities. In 2016, April also contributed to the research of individuals with 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome and presented at the VCFS conference at Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Babar Khan, Senior Rehabilitation Consultant/Rehabilitation Counsellor, Workplace Rehabilitation and Health, Parramatta, NSW

Babar Khan, Team Leader – Workplace Rehabilitation and Health
GradDipMgt, MRehabCouns, MBA

Babar has over 3 years’ experience in workplace rehabilitation working across multiple schemes including icare, CTP, Life Insurance, DVA, Comcare and TMF. Previous to this he worked within Disability Employment Services where he was responsible for the placement of numerous clients into employment. Babar has specific expertise in conducting vocational assessments as he understands the labour market and what is required in different positions and industries. Babar is also a skilled marketer and understands the need to ensure that all placements are positive experiences for both the injured worker and the employer. Babar is a strong believer that the human spirit is one of ability, perseverance and courage that no disability can steal away. Babar is multi-lingual and also speaks Urdu and Hindi.

Cainan Roncati, Psychologist, Positive Behaviour Support, Central Coast, NSW, Gosford

Cainan Roncati, Behaviour Support Manager / Provisional Psychologist
BPsychSc (Hons)

Cainan is a Provisional Psychologist and Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner with over 2 years’ experience supporting individuals with disabilities to reduce and eliminate behaviours of concern and improve quality of life. He also has previous experience supporting individuals concerned about family member’s substance use. Cainan uses a person-centred and trauma-informed approach in his work and ensures that he considers the needs of all parties when developing his interventions. Cainan has experience working with clients with all disability types and has developed Positive Behaviour Support Plans involving restrictive practices. Cainan is passionate about advocating on behalf of clients with disabilities to ensure that they are provided with the opportunities and supports they need to achieve their goals.

Chantelle Veron, Team Leader, Occupational Therapy

Chantelle has 4 years experiences working within the disability sector and has worked under both the WA NDIS and NDIS. Her experience is with paediatrics, sensory processing, positive behaviour support, early intervention and functional training. Chantelle enjoys working in a transdisciplinary team and feels the best results are seen when everyone is working as a cohesive group. She has a high interest I building her skills around equipment prescription and physical rehabilitation for functional tasks to help people achieve their best quality of life.

Charlotte Arthur, Speech Pathologist
BSpPath (Hons)

Charlotte has had 5 years’ experience in the disability sector working with children and young adults with varying diagnosis, for example, Autism, Intellectual disabilities, ADHD, Down syndrome. She believes in a holistic approach to therapy and enjoys working in a multidisciplinary team to achieve the best results for her clients. Charlotte has worked with pre-school and school-aged children on their speech (i.e., articulation), and language (i.e., fluency, literacy, vocabulary). She has also worked with adults in rehabilitation and hospital settings who have impacted communication and/or swallowing concerns due to neurodegenerative diseases (i.e., Parkinson Disease, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy) and/or acquired conditions (i.e., stroke, traumatic brain injuries).

Dr Chris Edwards, Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner
BBus(Mgt), BBehavSc(Psych)Hons, PhD(Ed)

Dr Chris Edwards is a Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner with the ORS Group. Chris has supported people with a varying range of abilities, from young children up to the elderly across a diverse range of contexts over the past six years. He is passionate about supporting people on the autism spectrum, and wider abilities to live inclusive and empowered lives.

He completed a PhD (Education) as part of the Early Years Behaviour Support Project, within the Cooperative Research Centre for Living with Autism (Autism CRC) in 2019. His research explored how teleconsultation as part of a professional development program could support rural and remote educators to promote inclusive practices. As part of this research, Chris has presented at a number of national and international conferences, co-authored a peer-reviewed international publication, and has co-authored a book chapter due for release early 2021.

David Smout, Occupational Therapist, ACT

David Smout, Team Leader Workplace Rehabilitation and Health and NDIS – ACT
BSc(OccTherapy), PostGradCert. in Soft Tissue Injury

David is an AHPRA registered OT with extensive experience in the workplace rehabilitation industry across multiple schemes including the NSW and ACT WorkCover schemes, Comcare ACT Government, DVA, NDIS and Aged Care.

David specialises in workplace assessments to assess capacity and identify strategies that align with the capacity to facilitate an early return to work and swift recovery. David is a strong advocate of the health benefits of good work and has an excellent understanding of the latest evidence-based practices and literature so that he is able to promote this and educate treating practitioners, workplaces and employers, injured workers and doctors in order to facilitate early and durable return to work outcomes. David is also extremely knowledgeable about the impact of disability on mobility and function and uses his expertise in this area when conducting ADL and Supported Independent Living Assessments for NDIS customers

Dr. Michelle Messenger, Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner

BA (Soc Sc) MA (Psych) PhD

Michelle has held numerous positions within disability services across the Government and private sector. Michelle has worked with people with mental health issues, acquired brain injury and those in aged care.

These roles have included direct client work and the supervision and management of others. Michelle has specialised in working with adults with an intellectual disability and those that have behaviour support needs. Michelle’s work included completing Behaviour support plans containing restrictive practices that met the requirements of the NDIS Quality and Safety Commission.

Michelle completed her PhD at the Australian Stuttering Research Centre (Sydney University). Her research topic was Anxiety in those who stutter. Michelle has written a journal article that was published in the Journal of Fluency Disorders, and she presented these findings at an international event, Oxford Dysfluency Conference. Michelle is passionate about providing a high-quality service for people using evidence-based practice and supporting others to do the same.

Emma-Storey, Psychologist, Behaviour Support

Emma Storey, Senior Behaviour Support  Practitioner

Emma has 4 years’ experience working as a Behaviour Support Practitioner and 8 years disability industry experience in a variety of management and support worker roles

Emma has extensive experience working successfully in a person centred manner with complex cases with extremely challenging behaviours. Emma has an incredible ability to establish rapport with clients, families and support staff and makes everyone feel immediately comfortable in her presence. Emma enjoys working in multidisciplinary teams with a variety of stakeholders such as Department of Health, Department of Education, NDIA, NSW Justice etc. Emma’s expertise involves working with adolescents supporting change management, transitions, puberty and sexual development. Emma also has expertise working with difficult to engage clients, clients other providers will not accept, forensic populations and clients exhibiting extremely challenging behaviours. Emma’s strong positivity and willingness to see the potential in everyone is an asset and helps her to achieve the strong levels of success she does in reducing challenging behaviours in these populations. Emma is committed to person centred practice, and commits to always work from that lens, not only the framework. Emma understands diagnoses and medical models, but seeks to provide service for the individual; focusing on their strengths, their dreams, and their desires for their own best lives. Emma champions her clients and their support teams in the challenges, and celebrates with those in their success. Emma also has expertise in developing Interim and Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plans involving the use of restrictive practices.

Errin Finucane, Senior Behaviour Support  Practitioner
BPsych(Hons), MPublicHlth

Errin is a Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner and Provisional Psychologist with over 5-years’ experience working with children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder to reduce and eliminate behaviours of concern and increase independence and overall life skills. She also has previous experience working with disadvantaged and marginalised groups, specifically Indigenous youth, through programs focused at increasing community and school engagement. Errin has experience working across a range of environments including; home, schools, daycare centres, group homes as well as clinical settings. She also has experience collaborating with stakeholders and allied health professionals, to ensure consistency and a multidisciplinary approach when implementing strategies within the Behaviour Support Plan. Errin has over 5-year’ experience of Applied Behaviour Analysis and behaviour support and enjoys seeing the progress of her clients during intervention.

Georgia Brennan, Behaviour Support Team Leader

Georgia is a Behaviour Support Practitioner and Provisional Psychologist with over 4 years’ experience working with people with a range of disabilities and presentations from mild to severe. She has experience with clients affected by acquired brain injuries, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, sensory processing disorders, schizophrenia, anxiety and depression. Georgia also has previous experience in delivering anxiety and emotion regulation programs to primary school children and providing assessment and individualised intervention to children with learning disabilities. She is passionate about advocating for the rights of those who are most vulnerable. Georgia takes a multidisciplinary approach and employs the biopsychosocial model to improve the health, wellbeing and quality of life of clients and their support network. She believes a good behaviour support plan and implementation has great potential to improve wellbeing, build relationships and enhance the quality of life, not just for the client but the support network around them as well. Georgia has a particular interest in people with disabilities who have come in contact with the justice system, schizophrenia and acquired brain injuries. When she isn’t at work she spends her time completing her Masters Research thesis.

Jennifer Lai, Team Leader Occupational Therapy
BSc(Honours), MOT, Cert III & IV Fitness

Jennifer is a Team Leader with 4 years of experience working as an Occupational Therapist. As an Occupational Therapist, she has 2 years’ experience working with NDIS participants and 3 years working as a Rehabilitation Consultant. She thoroughly enjoys working with people and enabling them to achieve their goals, no matter how large or small, and enjoys the challenges and creativity these ambitions inspire. She is known for her strong clinical skills in the prescription of equipment and modifications, her thoughtful and respectful service provision and her skilled ability to develop detailed reports with pertinent recommendations.  In line with her passionate interest in improving the health and wellbeing of others, she has also worked as a fitness instructor for 6 years. Jennifer continues to enjoy leading group fitness classes with the same drive, passion and enthusiasm she promotes as an Occupational Therapist.

Katya Petrova, Senior Psychologist/Behaviour Support Practitioner – Sydney
BPsych (Hons)

Katya is a Registered Psychologist with over seven years’ experience in providing psychological interventions to clients experiencing the full range of psychological and psychiatric conditions. Katya has worked in a variety of different industries including employee assistance program (EAP), employment services and workplace rehabilitation, and more recently the NDIS. Katya’s expertise is in the areas of brief psychological interventions, program management and facilitation, and team leadership.

Katya’s main interests include vocational assessments, motivational counselling, cognitive therapy, disability management and support, and child development.

Lucy Fleming, Team Leader Speech Pathology Services
BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy

Lucy has over twelve years of experience working as a Speech Pathologist across child, adolescent and adult settings. Lucy has developed her skills working with people with communication needs across the age range providing person-centred practice to enable them, their families and carers to create opportunities to strengthen connections, maximise communication potential and promote positive functional outcomes. Lucy has worked in partnership with a range of multi-disciplinary health professionals to share knowledge and build skill areas. Lucy has worked with clients to target speech, language, literacy, social communication, aphasia, dysphagia and mealtime concerns and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) needs. She has worked in preschools, schools, clinics, workplaces and community settings delivering training, group intervention and 1:1 speech pathology input. Lucy has completed further training in the areas of: PECS, Key Word Sign, Hanen, Floortime, Sensory Oral Sequential Approach to Feeding (SOS) and Accidental Counsellor. Lucy has completed practice education training and is passionate about supporting newly-qualified speech pathologists to develop their clinical competencies.

Meredith Vale, Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner


Meredith has over 10 years’ experience in positive behaviour support roles in the disability industry. She has particular expertise in working with teens and adults with significantly challenging behaviours. Meredith has completed a Bachelor of Psychological Science and will have completed her Master of Education in Applied Behaviour Analysis in 2020. She is a member of the Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia and has qualified as a Registered Behaviour Technician. Meredith presented her case study research on increasing independent activity in Autism at the 2019 Association for Behaviour Analysis Australia Conference in Melbourne. Meredith has many years’ experience and holds a particular interest in working with people with Acquired Brain Injury, mental illness, Autism and complex comorbidity. Meredith has been commended for her ability to work with clients, their families and support teams to provide cohesive behaviour support implementation over multiple environments.

Mia Fewster, Senior Occupational Therapist

Mia is a highly motivated occupational therapist with a passion for empowering people to live their best possible life. Mia has 3 years’ experience working within NDIS and assessing functional daily living skills. Mia’s expertise lies in complex assistive technology assessments and prescription as well as home modifications. To advance her knowledge in these areas, Mia has completed significant supplementary training. Mia also has a particular interest in sensory modulation and the use of nature in interventions within mental health. She utilises a holistic approach during intervention sessions and enjoys working alongside people and their families to help them to realise their goals.

Monique Andreacchio, Team Leader Behaviour Support

Monique is a Provisional Psychologist with experience in the provision of positive behaviour support and psychological counselling to individuals with a range of disabilities. Monique also has experience working with clients with complex behaviours and developing Interim and Comprehensive Behaviour Support Plans that include restrictive practices and require submission to the NDIS Commission. Monique’s strengths include her ability to establish rapport and build a positive working relationship with her clients and their families/support staff. She ensures all of her appointments are engaging and tailors intervention to provide opportunities for each client to learn and gain new skills. Monique works well within multi-disciplinary teams including government organisations such as hospitals and schools. Monique cares for her clients and this is evident in her approach and the positive outcomes she achieves. Monique interests involve working with young adults.

Oliver Vorenkamp, Team Leader – Workplace Rehabilitation and Health

Oliver is an enthusiastic and passionate team leader/Physiotherapist with diverse experience. He spent the first ten working years of his life serving in the Army as a heavy diesel mechanic which enabled him to gain a range of skills. Oliver also completed a deployment to Afganistan as part of mentoring task force 4. As a result of his service, Oliver has learned how to communicate and interact with people from all walks of life, nationalities, backgrounds and religions. He has always had an interest in the healthcare sector and passion about the function of the human body. Oliver thoroughly enjoys helping people that have experienced adversity return to a life they consider to be “normal”. Oliver’s strength is the ability to motivate, and positively influence and educate injured workers on what would be the best course of action for them as an individual to get the best possible outcome.

Penny Bugden, Team Leader – Behaviour Support
BA(Psych), BSocSc(Psych)Hons, MSocHlthCouns, MProfPsych

Penny has over three years experience working with vulnerable populations including people with disabilities/health conditions, children with learning difficulties, women and children escaping domestic violence, people experiencing homelessness, and people with substance addiction. Penny has a passion for behaviour support and assisting individuals to overcome their barriers/challenges, achieve their goals and improve the quality of their lives. She also has an interest in IQ assessments, psychometric testing, and counselling.

Vanessa Pollicina, Registered Psychologist/Behaviour Support Practitioner
BA(Psych), BPsych(Hons), MProfPsych

Vanessa is a Registered Psychologist with over 4 years’ experience working within the field. She has particular experience working with children and adolescents in Out-of-home-care and within a school setting. Vanessa has also worked with people with a range of disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, and Cognitive and Developmental disabilities. Vanessa has experience and an interest in conducting psychological assessments including cognitive assessments and academic achievement tests. She has completed a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) with Honours and a Masters of Professional Psychology. She utilises several modalities in her work including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Strengths-Based Approach and Solution Focussed Therapy. Vanessa strives to work in a client-centred manner, working holistically with clients and other parties to reach the client’s goals.

Vivianne Younis, Provisional Psychologist/Senior Behaviour Support Practitioner – Sydney
BArts (Hons), GradDipPsych, PostGradDipPsych, AdDipMgt, ABACert

Vivianne is a visionary leader with 20+ years of expertise managing the full spectrum of behaviours and complex needs across a range of disabilities, injuries and health conditions. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology, an Advanced Diploma of Management and is also an Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapist. Her passion is connecting with individuals with a disability and their carers/families/support workers to make a tangible difference by developing solutions that help them to overcome challenges and live the best life they can live. Vivianne works confidently with diverse cultures and in situations where cultural awareness and appreciation are integral. She is multi-lingual and is fluent in Arabic and English.


Vivianne has extensive management experience and has managed numerous high performing sites, regions, programs and service areas within ORS. She is well known as an outstanding leader dedicated to helping her team learn the skills needed to be successful in their roles. Vivianne cares about quality and customer service and ensures that clients receiving services from her team get the very best service possible. Her areas of expertise include her ability to establish immediate rapport with clients from all cultures and their families, her ability to understand the function of behaviour and her ability to quickly develop strategies and identify replacement behaviours that effectively reduce these behaviours. Vivianne has had some significant success stories which other service providers are in awe of!

Yael Abitbol, Senior Psychologist – WA
BA (PsychChildFamStud), BA (Hons Psych), MPsych (Clin)

Yael is a very experienced Registered Psychologist with extensive and wide-ranging counselling experience. She is a Clinical Psychology Registrar. Yael has experience counselling children, adolescents and adults and uses a range of evidence-based interventions including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Inter-Personal Therapy (IPT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Solution Focused Therapy (SFT) and Emotion Regulation and Mindfulness. Yael’s expertise is in her ability to help her clients achieve their goals at a pace that maintains their motivation and allows them to get ongoing positive feedback from their efforts. Yael provides her clients with a safe, supportive environment, focusing on their strengths and empowering them to initiate lasting changes in their lives. Yael’s main areas of interest include depression, anxiety, PTSD, trauma, post-natal depression, panic, adult survivors of abuse, grief and loss, workplace issues, adjustment/life change, interpersonal and relationship issues. Yael is multi-lingual and speaks Hebrew and French.

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