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Psychological Services

EAP & Psychological Services


Improve Workplace Effectiveness

Did you know that mental health is a serious contributor to effectiveness in the workplace?  Looking after your psychological needs, or those of your employees, could result in skyrocketing productivity, not to mention, dramatically improved general wellbeing.

ORS Group can help employers and individuals with a range of psychological services, from assessments and EAP establishment to counselling, critical incident debriefing and mediation services.

Our experienced team works hard to help people all over Australia achieve true vocational success.

Improve the mind; improve performance in the workplace!

For more information regarding our Psychological Services, call ORS Group on 1800 000 677, contact your local office, or enquire online today.

Employment Assistance Program (EAP)

Sometimes we need a helping hand when personal and work-related issues begin to negatively impact our wellbeing. These can be anything from self-esteem or emotional issues to financial, grief or drug and alcohol problems. Funded by the employer, an EAP allows individuals to access professional, confidential counselling services, develop strategies to deal with their issues and succeed in the workplace.

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We provide psychological and vocational counselling services (short- and long-term) to help individuals overcome various barriers to their success in the workplace or life in general. These are offered on a one-to-one basis or in a group environment.

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Psychological Assessments

Our Neuropsychologists and Registered Psychologists provide specialist psychological assessments, to help individuals identify suitable career options, or identify areas for improvement to reach their full potential.

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