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RTO Registered Training Organisation. Accredited and customised training

RTO Registered Training Organisation. Accredited and customised training

ORS places education firmly at the centre of many of the services we provide. Making a difference to people’s lives, empowering individuals, and our determination that everyone is employable are the driving forces that commit us to delivering superior training services.

Our team delivers high quality, innovative training to achieve your desired outcomes. Whether you’re an employer who wants to improve productivity or wellness in the workplace, or a job seeker looking to equip themselves with the necessary skills to take the next step, we can assist you with either;

  • Customised Training to suit your particular needs
  • Nationally Recognised Training which consists of flexible delivery accredited courses and traineeships

To achieve your goals in the workplace contact us today on 1800 000 677 or enquire online for more information

About Our RTO

ORS Group Pty Ltd, ID: 50713

In 2000 ORS Rehabilitation and Placement Services Pty Ltd registers under the WA TAC as a Registered Training Organisation.

Over the past 16 years we have grown our training services to include delivery in NSW, VIC, TAS and WA.

We offer National Recognised qualifications in Business, Community Services, Retail and Hospitality via classroom, small group and work based delivery methods.

We are committed to training relevant to the individual and ensuring our service delivery meets the needs of our students, job seekers and employers via the delivery of quality training and assessment services.