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I am extremely grateful to ORS. Each person I worked with has given me the confidence that I have needed at the time to process and progress towards the next step to my expansion in my vocation. Thank you

Silvia, Brookvale, NSW

I am very happy with the service provided to me. I am now in permanent part-time employment, and at a mature age, it means a lot to me to have this security! Thank you for the training provided to me.

Katie, Gosford, NSW

ORS Group uses a very good approach to engage and build rapport with staff in order to really understand the situation and any underlying issues. This has provided the Town with comprehensive assessments and given us the tools and measures to support and overcome barriers within our workplace.

Renae Maher, Human Resources Coordinator, Town of Bassendean

The Town of Bassendean has utilised the services of ORS Group for a number of years which has included our employee assistance program, workplace investigations and staff presentations. ORS Group have always worked in close consultation with the Town to fully understand our needs and provide suitable solutions and recommendations to create a positive and agreeable outcome.

Renae Maher, Human Resources Coordinator, Town of Bassendean

ORS Group takes an active involvement in the job seeker’s development, through looking at individual approaches to training and barrier identification then planning and seeking the most appropriate training for the individual’s needs.

Ben Pettit, Managing Director, Leap eLearning

Being inspired to achieve in a team-motivated environment

Mark, Jun and Adam, Burwood, NSW

I found a lot of helpful information to help attaining a better way to obtain a job and different ways to look for employment

Leanne, Burwood, NSW

It has given us motivation, skills in getting jobs and researching for jobs. Newspaper helps us to communicate with people in the industries we want to work for.

Aiden and Aaron, Burwood, NSW

Community papers are distinguished by their demonstrable levels of local engagement, rather than by the scope of their content.

Umar Subhi, Burwood, NSW

(The newspaper program) gives advice & assistance for gaining work (e.g: interview skills & confidence)

Greg Bridge, Burwood, NSW