The theme for the 2023 Occupational Therapy (OT) week is Unity through Community. Let’s explore what that means.

What is a Community setting?

The community is any place that is meaningful to the client. The community can include childcare, kindergarten, school, workplaces, day centres and local shopping centres. It could even extend out to dance halls, farms, neighbourhood houses or a local playground.

It is as individual as our clients!

How do OTs help in the Community?

ORS OTs often work with clients away from the office or clinic. OT intervention can be based in any community setting, and as OTs, we believe we can best help clients where they function and, in the settings, relevant to the goals they want to achieve or barriers they wish to overcome. Here are some examples

>> Making recommendations on how to make a childcare or workplace accessible and inclusive for equipment users (e.g. wheelchairs, strollers, hoists)

>> Coaching a client on how to use a bus, train or tram (travel training)

>> Working within a classroom to make it easier for clients to follow instructions and be regulated/calm to learn

>> Encourage attendance to a community group that explores their interest (e.g. music, art, animals)

>> Building independence skills with shopping, including how to manage money, ask for assistance if needed and make a shopping list

>> Teaching clients how to climb, jump, balance and crawl at a playground and explore associated sensory experiences (e.g. sandpit, swing)

What about Unity in OT?

OTs very rarely work alone with a client. We work collaboratively with other Allied Health professions including Allied Health Assistants, Psychology, Speech Pathology, Positive Behaviour Support, Physiotherapy, and Dietetics.

Most importantly, OTs work closely with the client’s main support, whether that is a parent or guardian, family members, teacher and education support staff, or support workers.

Working together means that the client gets to practice and implement OT strategies every day, encouraging success, independence and positive outcomes in their function!

How can an ORS Occupational Therapist help?

ORS has therapists nationally who are highly experienced and very passionate about working with our clients to reach their goals. For more information about our services at team, or to make a referral, please visit or call us on 1800000 677.

Chanel Dunn

State Manager – Occupational Therapy

BOT/BPsychSc, MPubHlth

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